January wedding in Minnesota, Yay or Nay????

Hi everyone, recently engaged and had started planning a fall 2012 wedding in St Paul. Unfortunately the couple of venues we are interested in are already booked. We are now considering moving the date to January 2013 to get the venue we really want. We are just so nervous about the weather as many guests would be traveling. I've never been to a winter wedding either. Any thoughts?

Re: January wedding in Minnesota, Yay or Nay????

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    We are getting married this coming Jan in MN. :) We did this for a variety of reasons.  One of the biggest fears is obviously the weather.  Some of the things we did to safegaurd ourselves is:

    We found a hotel that provided transportation.  So if its bad weather, and if they got a room, people wouldn't have to drive. This is also great for drunk people. We also had rooms reserved for Friday and Sat so people could arrive early.

    We have the RSVP date a little early so we can see who all is coming and then watch the weather before we have to hand in the final numbers if people have to cancel. 

    I guess a buffet would help too. We chose not to do that b/c it could be more expensive. 

    I think thats about is. It is a common worry let me tell you, but its a lot cheaper to get married in Jan, and its something different. :) If you had any other questions, feel free to PM me!
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    My aunt got married in the Sculpture Gardens in Feb., it was a small wedding but so beautiful! The kids all had fun making a train to make a path out to the ceremony for other guests and my aunt had this amazing long white cloak. Most of my family lives in MN so they all knew what they were getting into by coming. It was a short service too.

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    Yeah I went to my best friend's wedding in Dec and there was alot of snow but not alot of people at the wedding around 75 people plus it was around Christmas

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    You can save upwards of 40% on your wedding by having it in Jan. Most vendors have an off season price they will do.
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