Save the Dates for a weekend wedding

My FI and I are planning on having our out of town guest come in a day earlier and want to do something special with them the day before like bowling or cruise but keep it a surpirse .How do we state this on the save the dates to get a head count and still keep it a secret?

Also how do we let people know on our invitiations kids are not invited??

Re: Save the Dates for a weekend wedding

  • The kid issue is on the Etiquette board.  I think the consenses is to do word of mouth and to put it on your website, but NOT the invite. You can do a search at the bottom to read others posts about the adult only reception.

    As far as the out of town guests, I don't think you can make your guests come early.  What you can do, is see who is staying at the hotel block. If they are out of town, they must be staying somewhere and go off that count.

    Honestly, the night before our wedding, it was so crazy that I don't think we could of fit anything in. People were tired from traveling, and we were so nervouse making sure everything was perfect.

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