Anyone know any good Dj's that are really good and affordable??

I am looking for a really good Dj for my wedding next year in 2011 that is affordable does anyone know of any if so let me know thanks...... Laughing

Re: Anyone know any good Dj's that are really good and affordable??

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    The scene is doing my wedding for a really good price. And hes super nice!
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    We are using midwest sound, even though our wedding is 2.5 hours west of minneapolis they travel. The price is reasonable, and they have been great to work with.

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    Music in Motion is doing mine- they have offices in St. Cloud, Rochester and place even further north- They have been really fun to work with and they pride themselves on really making each wedding unique and their DJs have a wide range of personalities from super fun to ones that willj ust play music all night. Their packages start at $650 (4hr dance) and go up if you want to add things... Don't know if that is affordable to you or not...
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    I haven't look at any other DJs because I really liked the DJ at my cousin's wedding in Wisc. He Just started his own company, you can find him on Facebook, his name is Joshua B Kuhl. His company is B Kuhl Entertainment. I really liked that he got involved with the wedding party and did some fun games, :)
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    Contact Joe @ Nightlife Entertainment www.nightlifedjs.com

    They are doing my wedding and they are affordable as well as one of the best DJ's I have heard at a wedding.
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