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Hey Ladies,
 I'm looking for some reviews on a couple of DJ's specifically Dan Linder Entertainment and Over the Edge. I'd be open to other suggestions. Our location is near Redwood Falls. I'd like to hear good and bad! Thanks!

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    Try the MSP board.  This board isn't really active. I wish I could help!
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    I too need a DJ but for rochester.
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    Midwest Sound did our wedding this weekend and they were fantastic! They are willing to travel, so you could try them.

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    I'm also having my wedding & reception near Redwood Falls.  My fiance and I have decided to go with Midwest Sound.  They are willing to travel from St. Paul and they will negotiate on costs.
    We used Over the Edge for a special event a couple of years ago.  He was OK, but nothing spectacular (and we wouldn't have saved that much going with Over the Edge for our wedding reception). Given the number of great reviews for Midwest Sound, it seemed like a clear decision.  Just some thoughts.  I hope it helps.
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