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I was wondering if anyone knew of a great ceremony/reception venue in Rochester mn or the surrounding areas. A 30 mil or so radius would notbe out of the question.  My fiance and I are leaning towards an outdoor wedding or at least some part of the wedding outdoors. I was thinking maybe golf course, vineyard, country club, or a rental cottage of some kind.   We are new to the area so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    I went to a wedding reception at Riverview Greens Golf Course. I think its technically in Stewartville, but the ceremony was at a church in Rochester so it must not be too far. It was a nice place and the food was quite good.
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    This is a bit far from Rochester but there is a golf course outside of Winona (45 mins away). Its BEAUTIFUL!!!  My friend got married outside on the patio with the bluff and golf course overlooking the ceremony.  Then we went inside and had good food. It was a bit small for dancing, but reasonable.

    Owatonna has some nice places. I don't reccommend the Holiday Inn. Too small and the food wasn't that good.  Their golf course/country club is nice. The food was decent a few years back when I went there for prom.

    When I was looking at getting married, I looked at  http://www.rochestereventcenter.com/

    I never did contact them because we chose a different location, but I always thought they were pretty.  hmm...but I don't think its outside.

    I grew up in the Rochester area and just moved to Denver. I also went to school for 7 years in Winona.  but if you need any recommendations for anything wedding or not let me know. :)
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