What made you know "THIS" is the one! For your reception venue?

I'm starting to look at different places, and I'd love to know what made you decide this is the one!

Re: What made you know "THIS" is the one! For your reception venue?

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    We knew our venue was the one for several reasons.  Mostly, because:

    1)it could hold everyone we had on our guest list

    2)the sales staff was nice and always had time to answer our calls personally or were good with callbacks

    3)they held to their meeting times and did not avoid having us in the building while staff was setting up for other events

    4)they were able to negotiate what we wanted because of the size of our party (letting us use just tealights on the tables instead of getting 400 coasters, allowing us to serve beef tips as long as we had mashed potatoes as a side)

    5)they had good references and referalls from other vendors

    6)the venue and site was well kept, clean and professional
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    We're getting married at my fiancee's grandmother's farm because:

    1) we can provide our own food & beverage

    2) renting tables, chairs, linens, a tent, and tent lighting from the rental company in the area is surprisingly affordable- much less expensive than venues in the cities we were considering.

    3) it's just so pretty!
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    I did research before going to any site to make sure it worked in our budget, could hold our guest list, good location, etc.

    When we went to our reception site, the moment we walked in we looked at each other and said "this is it" I could envision all the guests there and all of our details, it was perfect! FI's parents thought the same thing, we were all in awe!
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    it was the only place we could serve our own food and fit everyone in we have a rather large guest llist due to big familys
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    Much like everyone else - I picked my reception site based on the amount of people it could fit-
    More importantly both of us have a large number of out of town guest so I wanted to hold it at a hotel (It lowered the amt of time traveling to venue sites and it also lowered the chance of our guests getting lost )
    The hotel is also only blocks away from bars so if the big partiers want to continue they just have to walk 1.5 blocks. :-)

    Our reception site also has an onsite caterer and bartenders which were extremely affordable and convenient.

    My advice to you is pick the one thing that is really important (location, view, food options, #of guests) and start with the ones that have you #1 then look at those that have most of your other wants.
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    Just the feeling of knowing "This is it"! After only looking at a few places, I knew I had my heart set on it. My parents also loved it as well. Plus, it's only been open for a year and non of my friends have had their weddings as well, so I knew it would be unique! 
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