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Vinoklet Winery??

Hello, I am just recently engaged and have begun the hunt for an affordable venue in the cincinnati area. we live in Fairfield and aren't too keen on anything downtown, and I'm pretty partial to an outdoor wedding. I've seen some information on Vinoklet Winery in colerain and was just wondering if anyone has had any good or bad experiences there? Thanks!

Re: Vinoklet Winery??

  • GoBucksOHGoBucksOH
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    edited December 2011
    My best friend wanted to get married there sooooo bad but it just wasnt in her budget. Sorry I don't have more info for you! She said it was very pretty though. She ended up booking with The Benchmark...
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    Thanks for the reply.. makes me nervous to hear it was "out of budget" cause then it's probably out of mine too! lol. Thanks I'll look up the other place - I'm waiting on Vinoklet to call me back so we'll see :)
  • LimegroveLimegrove
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    My cousin got married and had the reception there... It was very pretty and the food was great. I dont know what it cost though.
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    I've been to multiple weddings there, and the couples I knew were very pleased with the experience. The place is gorgeous, and the food was great. I don't know the pricing either, however-- I know that part of the package requires you to purchase a set minimum of wine. Again-- Don't know what all that entails, or how much... but its possible that its pricey.

    If it fits your budget, I HIGHLY recommend the venue! :)
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    awesome glad to hear it's been a good experience for people. a friend of mine recently toured there and they set a price per person which includes everything, we're going down next Saturday to tour it and hopefully it's something we can make work!! Thanks :)
  • nics21nics21
    edited December 2011
    Moonlight gardens is another cool outdoor wedding venue that is relatively reasonable.
  • MaryBreMaryBre
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    I've been to their site and it says $44.95 per person w/a min of 100. It looks really nice. If you get a chance to tour and get more info before me please post.

    Thanks a bunch!
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    We toured there- it was our second choice for our wedding! Soooo beautiful and nice to be able to let your guests wander the winery area during down time. It was about $45 per person but you have to pay attention to what all that includes- getting catering/bar/linens at another place can easily run you that much. Good Luck- enjoy touring the place!
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    The Vinoklet is awesome! I've never been to a wedding there, BUT we go there for dinner all of the time! Yes, they're a little pricey but the service and experience is great! One of my fave places in the city!
  • I just called and talked to this place for my wedding. They are up to 60 a person for the reception now, howerver that includes open beer and wine bar, food, linens, service, tax, tip, utensils, and dinner wear. Sounds reasonable, I am just not sure. I hope to go see it soon!
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