My FI thinks he wants to design all of our paper for the wedding. He wants to give it a few trial runs prior to committing to the idea. Where can we get paper that is thicker then the card stock at Hobby Lobby and other craft stores? Thanks.

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    You can order online from paperandmore.com or cardsandpockets.com. You can order samples too...most samples at paperandmore are going to be around 75cents and paper and 35cents at cardsandpockets. They both have a large selection of colors.

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    Not sure what weight you are looking for but Xpedx on Dalton Street in Cincinnati has all kinds of paper! It's on the west side of downtown kind of close to the museum center.
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    [QUOTE]Not sure what weight you are looking for but Xpedx on Dalton Street in Cincinnati has all kinds of paper! It's on the west side of downtown kind of close to the museum center.
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    I designed all of our stuff and had it letterpressed by an etsy artist (review and contact info in bio).

    For paper, I'd honestly go with Tom at anchorpaper over paperandmore - I just had a better experience with anchor paper.  Their website isn't as flashy, but the people were much more helpful, and they have just as wide a selection.

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    I'd try a place like Poeme - they can help you with paper and design ideas and printing too.  Kristen is awesome.
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    to make life a bit easier, he could create the design and email the file to a printer o print and cut. Saves loads of time and research. I highly recommend Minuteman Press in Colerain. We designed ours and had it printed there and they did a fantastic job for much less than if we had purchased paper and printed ourselves!
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    I second Minuteman. We didn't use them, but my graphic designer friend who has designed countless paper for all of her friends' weddings swears by them. There are locations all over the Cincinnati area so check their website for locations.
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    I'm glad that some of you had a good experience with Minutemen.  I couldn't get them to help me at all.  Maybe I just kept getting someone new when I called (or when MIL actually went to their shop...hmmm....), but they had NO idea what I was talking about when I asked about thermography.  None.  I ended up using an Etsy artist for our printing, and was very happy.

    Maybe it would have helped if I could have gone into their location myself, but I was definitely weirded out by the fact that a printing company couldn't tell me whether or not they did thermography...

    ETA: That first line sounds snarky readng it over again...  No, really, I actually AM glad that some of you were able to get good service from them -- it tells me that my experience might have been an aberration. 

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    HR - I work in the printing industry also and I'm interested to find out how you were wanting thermography printing? Thermography is basically a heat detection and I've never heard of it for printing purposes. Just curious as to what you were thinking of.
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    nevermind HR - I asked my boss and apparently it is a really old technique of embossing. :)
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    Thermography is still around. Things are printed with a special ink. After it's printed, they use heat to make the ink rise.  A lot of more traditional wedding invitations use this technique - you can feel the type on top of the paper.

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