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Need Good Wishes

Just wanted to reach out to my fellow April 2012 brides for some good wishes...my father went into the hospital yesterday with chest pains and they suspect a blockage and are doing a balloon/stint this afternoon.  I know it's routine and that people bounce right back and are fine afterwards (my fiance's mother had one done thirteen years ago and is still very much alive and kicking).  But it gave me a lot of perspective.  My father and I aren't close and it seemed weird to have him walking me down the aisle especially since I've been living on my own for almost twelve years, but if I think about something happening to him, I wouldn't want him to NOT be there when the time comes.  Despite the differences in their lifestyles that my dad is healthier than his dad was, it's scary to think that when my grandfather died he was only a few years older than my father and my father was a couple of years younger than me.  And there is a lot of time before April 2012 where anything could happen!  Not to mention that my poor mother probably has her hands full, my father hasn't even been able to have water since midnight and you know how men get when they don't feel good.  So all positive vibes are greatly appreciated.
Whoever said it was supposed to be happily ever after is a big fat liar.
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