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Stumped for a reception location

Hi ladies, first time poster here. I've been lurking on the boards for a little while and have seen some great advice so I thought I'd try my hand. Sorry it's a bit long, check out the CN at the bottom if you prefer ;)

Ok. So we're not getting married 'til August 2012, but I'm wanting to get the venues nailed down early so there's at least SOMEthing that's set in stone. So the FI and I have been checking out places and we've kind of half-decided on the Heritage Village for our ceremony.

We'd like for our guests (appox 60) to not have to travel too far to get to the reception.  So, with the Sharonville location in mind, we've started looking at reception locations. We've looked at the Sharonville Convention Center as well as The Iron Horse in Glendale. At both places all FI had to say was that he wanted a place with more 'texture.'  What the heck does that even mean!?!

All I can assume is that he wants something that's more unique and/or historical (The Iron Horse had been remodeled, so even though the exterior is oldlike, it doesn't feel that way inside). I'm at a loss at what to look at in that area. Also, because it'll likely be hot, we're wanting indoor with airconditioning, though a place with a partial indoor/outdoor is fine too.

If anyone could suggest places to consider for the reception, I'd really appreciate it. THANKS

CN: Been to Sharonville Convention Center and The Iron Horse but FI doesn't like them due to lack of 'texture' - what are my (indoor with A/C) options in that area that are unique and/or historic?

Re: Stumped for a reception location

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    I apologize, I should also have included budget info - we're looking to spend round-about 4,000 on the reception.
  • LimegroveLimegrove member
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    Rehersal or reception? Have you looked at the blue ash banquet center? I think thier minimum is $2000... But I didnt look too far in to it.
  • clearheavensclearheavens member
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    Try the Glendale Lyceum. I had a bridal shoot there and it was gorgeous.  It was a historical house and had the look and feel of a mansion.  I felt it was warm and cozy in there.  It's in Glendale a few blocks from Tri-County Mall.

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    clearheavens: I was looking a little at the Glendale Lyceum... I'm a little worried it'd be a slight bit outside the budget. Can't hurt to ask I suppose.

    limegrove: Reception. Since we have a smallish group, restaurants are on the table if they'll accomodate a some partying, karaoke-ing and dancing. I've not looked that the Blue Ash Banquet center, thanks for the suggestion!
  • airair44airair44 member
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    I was going to suggest the Glendale Lycecum as well but I do think it is a little up there in price.  If you like an outdoorsy feel try the lakeside lodge at Sharon Woods.  It looks pretty from the pictures, however I am not positive if they have air conditioning.
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    I also thought of the Glendale Lyceum.  However if you're only having 60 guests, I think it might be a bit large.  You'd do better with something more intimate like Wiedemann Hill Mansion but it's in KY.  Bummer. 
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    airair44: It looks like it may not have A/C... the pictures show small oscillating fans mounted near the ceiling. I think I'm going to look into the Stonewood Banquet Center that's up by the Sharon Woods golf course though.

    Does anyone have experience with the Stonewood Banquet Center or the Hamilton County Parks catering? Is it worth the trouble to look at it?
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    SIL had her reception at Stonewood.  It's been a few years.  It was pretty but had a very big lodge feel to it IIRC.  I don't remember what we ate, so it must have not been too bad.  It was perfect for her and in her budget. 
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    Sharon Wood Heritage Village if he wants historical is a great idea. Elements in Sharonville is a no fuse no thinking reception place. Or look in Lebanon or Loveland they have tons of historical homes.

    Also there is Gelndale Gardens and there is a music school in an old home in Glendale that rents out the ballroom I just cant remember the name of the place

    good luck
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