Cheap Table # Idea

I saw this posted on the DIY board and wanted to share. These are frames from IKEA:
which are two sided. Some stores have them prices for $1.99, but the website has them listed at $0.99. If you print the web page they will honor the price (so I've heard)

Here is a template for them as well:

If you want to change the color, you can spray paint them with a spray paint for plastic which you can pick up at your local Home Depot.

Unfortunately, I've already started working on our table # holders or I would definitely do this, but thought this might come in handy for someone.

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Re: Cheap Table # Idea

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    I did this exact thing for my table numbers and menu and it turned out great.  I spray painted my black and it worked great- just make sure you get a spray paint that adheres to plastic.  I got them at the West Chester Ikea for $.99.  Great find and SUPER easy!

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    I found my $1 white wooden frames at old tyme pottery in tri-county...they are a little banged up but I think it gives them charachter! lol!  they would be easily spray painted as well!  but great idea from ikea as well!
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    Super cute!  Thanks! :)
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    This is a great find.  Thanks!!
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