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I am searching for an outdoor place for our wedding in August 2013.  We are on the west side of Cincinnati, so northern ky or southwestern Indiana would work too.  We are also doing a low budget/DIY wedding.  The image in my head is having a ceremony in the woods followed by a barn reception.  Somehow involving horses into the day is an absolute plus.

Re: outdoor/farm wedding search

  • Check out Walhill Farm in Batesville Indiana. I bartend there in the weekends and my MOH is the event coordinator there. Sounds like the kind of place you are looking for. Good luck! :
    Lisa and Tim - June 22, 2013
  • I second Walhill Farm.  My brother & his wife got married there in August 2011.  Very nice place, but it was VERY hot.  Keep that in mind since you are getting married in August as well!
  • Not sure if Dayton is too far, but Polen Farm in Kettering and Benham's Grove in Centerville are both nice and have outdoor gazebos and then barns for reception site. 
  • I think Walhill Farm is booked up except for Dec 14. We are getting married there in October of 2014. They did, or in the process of getting, heating and cooling.
  • You can try Neiderman Farm in Liberty Township.  It is very cute and very affordable.  They have a barn with a large deck and a pretty gazebo for the ceremony.  The rental fee includes tables, chairs and the whole facility for the entire day.  You can have pick your own caterer, and supply all of your liquor.  Lots of fun things for kids too!
  • My aunt has a great location not to far from Miami University. http://www.hannonscampamerica.com/  they have a great outside area that people are really loving for their weddings! they have pictures on facebook of weddings as well! p.m. me if you would like their phone number and such I could send you more info!
  • this place would have been perfect!  It was near the horse barn that I ride at too.  Unfortunatly I have already put down a non-refundable deposit somewhere else.  Thanks for the info however!!!
  • Thank you all for all of your great ideas.  I have a friend getting married at the Neiderman barn next spring.  I ended up going with Pyramid Hill Sculpture park.  It wasn't exactly what we were looking for, but it still gives us the opportunity to get married out in the woods, which is perfect.  On a budget I guess you cant have everything.  It will be beautiful regardless Laughing
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