Prices for Live Band at Reception

I have read a few reviews lately including live bands and I'm wondering what kind of price range bands charge in this area? We're on a tight budget so I'm not sure we could fit it in but the idea sounds awesome.
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    i am actually really curious about this as wel. Our band quoted us $1,500 but they are friends so im not sure if this is on the high end or low. They are playing acoustic when people arrive, acoustic for cocktail hour, and a five person band during the reception.
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    Who is the band you are going with? I'm interested in a similar "acoustic" for ceremony/cocktail hour and then full band music (covers) for the reception at that price. Would love to check them out!!
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    Check out the Fathead Davis Band. They played at our 9/24 wedding and were phenomenal. They'll send you pricing information if you request it. We got lots of compliments. Fathead is also a DJ, so he can DJ part of the night too.
    I thought it was a great choice for the money and you couldn't beat the atmosphere. We booked it last year, and it was $1,500 for a 5-piece band for the night. They also offer a 3-piece band and just Fathead and his keyboard (which is what we used for our ceremony music).
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