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I recently picked up my bridesmaid dresses from a store in Reading (not mentioning names because I am  purely venting) and had my girls try them on.  2 out of 4 of the dresses are overly BIG on the girls (a seamstress told one girl it was too big to be altered!!!!!).  The store is reordering one dress, but one girl was 3 months pregnant when she was measured and just had the baby a week ago and the dress is STILL too big.  When I called the store they said because she was pregnant when they sized her it isn't their problem, event though they are the ones who told her what size to get and they are the ones who should know what size to order.  My wedding is in July and I am just hoping that the dresses look ok.  Any suggestions on what I can do?????

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    They usually do tell you when you buy that the size you get is up to you and they aren't responsible. If you look at their contracts they signed when buying the dress it probably says it. It's always important to read everything before you sign.
    Check your paperwork and see if it lists the measurements of your girls when they ordered. If those numbers haven't changed and they don't match up with the manufacturers size chart, they might be willing to do something about it. That's the point of all that paperwork.
    I know it is really frustrating. How many sizes too big are they? A good seamstress should be able to take it in. I just met with mine today and she is taking in one of my wedding dresses from a size 10 to a size 2. Tell your bridesmaid to find someone else. It should be possible.
    Good luck with it all....it will work out. Take a deep breath!!!!
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    Yeah, I don't think that a dress is ever too big to alter down? That just seems weird to me especially since I bought my wedding dress as a size 12 and the lady who altered it for me took it to a size 2...so I would say that what they told you is not true.

    I'm sorry that you are going through this, but this seems to be the norm from one particular store in Reading - not naming names either Wink
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    Thank you so much for calming my nerves!  I just needed to hear that it could be done, I had never heard it could be done either, but I am not a professional so I believed them.  As for the fine print, it is clearly stated that the size may need to be altered because she was prego and they said it didn't matter what it said.  Hopefully her seamstress will be able to make her look beautiful!  I do know however I will never deal with this shop ever again!!!!!!!!!!  I had issues with shoes from them last summer for a wedding and my maid of honor's wedding gown was ordered wrong also.  This particular shop will not get good recommendations from me!!!!!!
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    Actually, not to worry you OP, but they might be right about it not being alterable.  Whether or not major alterations in size can be done to a gown really depends on the style of the gown.  I'd get a second opinion, but don't be too shocked if they, too, tell you it can't be altered.
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    I agree with Hrparker. There are some dresses that die to the cut, beading, flow, etc of the dress it can't be altered down. A safe estimate is that almost any dress can go down two sizes. Some can go down less, some more but that is a general rule. I don't understand how they can make an exception for exchanging one but not the other. That seems wrong. I understand that they can't be responisble for what size dress to order (no one can tell how a woman's body will change with pregnancy) -- they are bridal store workers they don't have ESP -- but they should exchange the dress if there is time. I would fight them on it -- especially if other seamstresses tell you they can't alter the dress down enough!!!!
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    This is why I typically suggest any time you purchase a dress from that retailer, you try on a dress in that brand in your size. It might not be the same dress, however, their sizing is usually true. We only had two alterations out of my entire wedding party and one was due to the bm being pregnant at the time of the purchase and she had to guess. The other was simply going to have to alter anything she purchased (like I typically do) since her measurements were way curvier than most dresses are.
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