Wedding Pictures by TM Photography

Though you all might like to see these... They're the teasers from my wedding on July 10th, 2010 at the Contemporary Arts Center. Enjoy!

by Tine Hofmann with TM Photography

Contemporary Arts Center
TM Photography
Bakery Hill
Funky's Catering
Katie Elfers: Inspired Floral Design
Bill Proud: Officiant
Brideface: Nancy
Party Pleasers DJ: Jeff Clarke
Vincent Lighting
Jimmy's Limousine

Re: Wedding Pictures by TM Photography

  • mhard10mhard10 member
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    Congratulations! The pictures are beautiful! Every detail was great too! Especially the cake! Also, I really loved your hair comb. Any chance you will be selling it? :)

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    OMG--stunning!  Your wedding looks perfect in every way.  I love the urban backdrops of the street, and the Shepherd Fairey piece at the CAC as part of your decor.  You look so happy.  Congratulations!
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  • afloggieafloggie member
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    Love your pictures!! You looked sooo pretty!
  • cincy32011cincy32011 member
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    Gorgeous pictures!  Tine takes such amazing pictures.  We're using Vincent Lighting and Jeff Clarke too.  Did everything go well with those two vendors?
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  • clearheavensclearheavens member
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    Congratulations!  Everything looks gorgeous!
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  • cincy2011cincy2011 member
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    You looked absolutely beautiful!  Love the city background and I'm so happy to see how great the CAC looks in pictures - even better than I imagined!  I can't wait to get married there next year!  Please let me know if you have feedback on the CAC, Funky's or Vincent Lighting.  TIA!
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  • KEJohnson04KEJohnson04 member
    edited December 2011
    Thank you so much everyone!!

    Mhard - Sorry I won't be selling my hair comb...it holds a special place in my heart; but I can tell you where I got it. It's from Bridal & Formal in their Paris collection.

    Cincy32011 - I have zero complaints about Vincent Lighting and Jeff Clarke of Party Pleasers! They were excellent to work with and I would highly recommend them!!

    Cincy2011 - The CAC, Funky's, and Vincent were all GREAT to work with! 
    Joe Penno (sp?) at the CAC was excellent...he really went above and beyond. We REALLY appreciated his help when we were significantly let down by the coordinator before him. He even reached out to the place where he used to work to get me tables that the CAC could no longer supply. He is very dedicated to his position!
    Funky's was great....they had excellent food and service. I highly recommend the bar in the elevator (it was a HIT among our guests). My only complaint was that they destroyed the entire bottom layer of my cake (which was never even cut...they started from the top; who does that!?) Instead of wrapping it nicely to send it home with me they shoved it into a plastic container (that was NOT clean) where it was smashed and destroyed...it wasn't edible any more and I was very disappointed. So...make sure you discuss how your cake will be cut and packaged, and also make sure they don't try to switch you over to plastic cups toward the end of the night...you're paying for glass ones and should be able to use them the entire time (luckily we were made aware of this before the wedding). Hope this doesn't scare you away... I'd still give them an "A" rating! And those were just minor details. Michael (the owner) came to the wedding to personally ask the guests how the food was (and it was delicious by the way); that was a very nice touch! 
    Vincent Lighting was great as well. Randy has worked with the CAC many times before so he had really great ideas. I wanted the monogram that I designed projected onto the dance floor and he had no problem making sure that happened.  And he was very accommodating when I decided I no longer wanted the elevator wall to have lighting (I wasn't so fond of the mural and didn't want it highlighted). I pretty much just let him do his thing and I have no regrets. Oh, and they were at least $600 cheaper than the major wedding lighting company in the area.
  • cincy2011cincy2011 member
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    Thanks for the quick reply!  We actually just got in touch with Joe today and he was really nice!  We're meeting with him Friday morning to discuss everything for our wedding.  We also had things that have fallen through since we worked with Mike at the CAC, so I'm sure poor Joe is hearing the same account from most brides/grooms!  How was your cocktail hour in the Un-Museum?  Any tips there?  How did it work getting everyone upstairs - did they just use both elevators?  Did you have a DJ or live music in the Un-Museum?  

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  • monandbenmonandben member
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    Great Pics!!!! I noticed you did gray bm's dresses! that's what i was thinking too and brightening it up with flowers and shoes!!! any advice on color combos??
  • monandbenmonandben member
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    Oh and how much was TM Photo?? I'm very interested now!! =)
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