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Wedding Items for Sale


“I spy” picture frames 
Size: 7” x 5”
Inventory: 9
Price per unit: $1 each


Blue Ink Pens
Inventory: 50
Price for total: $3


Glass centerpieces with ridge
Size: 5 inches
Inventory: 10
Price for total: $8

Small glass bottles
Size: 3 and a half inches
Inventory: 65
Price for total: $12


Large glass bottles
Size: 6 and a half inches
Inventory: 23
Price for total: $15

Blue and Brown flower vases
Inventory: One blue, one brown
Price per vase: $2

Glass Centerpieces mix-max
Inventory: 5 of one, 2 of another 
Price per unit: $1 each


Small flower vases:
Inventory: 8 blue, 8 brown
Price for total: $12

Envelopes 5 ¾ in x 8 ¾ 
Inventory: 150
Price per total: $12


Glass beads
Inventory: Two bottles
Price: $1 each


Sand pourer 
Inventory: 4
Price: $1 each


Small glass flower vases
Inventory: 10
Price per total: $10


Misc: $1 each

Small basket for pens

Small flower vase for pens

200 index cards, $2

PLEASE message me or comment on here if you want something :)
I live in Old Milford, work in Milford, and work in Terrace Park. Let me know!

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