Kingsgate Marriott

I was wondering if anyone has worked with (or are working with) Emily at the Kingsgate on UC's East Campus? FI and I are really considering going with this venue and would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks

Re: Kingsgate Marriott

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    I wasn't the bride, but I was a bridesmaid in a party where we all got ready @ the Marriot, and then they did their first glance and reception there also. Emily was VERY nice, and all of the rooms were gorgeous.

    That probably doesn't help much, but it was a fun day.
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    Haven' t worked with Emily, but I really like the venue. Considering it for my daughter's reception.   The area outside the ballroom would be great for a cocktail hour and I really like the staircase.  The whole facility has a nice, earthy feel to it and doesn't really feel like a hotel.  I hope it works out for you!
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