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Hello I am new. I recently got engaged and is trying to find some place to have my ceremony and reception. Unfortunately since my fiance is not a memebr of my church we are unable to have it there. I don't really want to do a hall. Main thing is budget! Any suggestions for places in Cincinnati?

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    Our reception is at Mulhauser Barn, you can do the cermony there too for no additional charge.

    Some other options depending on your budget are Centennial Barn, The Grove, Lake Lyndsay, Newport Syndicate, 20th Century Theatre, Ault Park, and Devue park.

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    Our ceremony and reception will be at the CIncinnati Art Museum. Ceremony in the garden, reception inside.
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    Are you looking for 'one-stop shopping'?  Do you want your ceremony and reception in the same place?  There are some non-denominational chapels around town that can accomodate your ceremony (but not reception).  My favorite is the SEM Villa chapel in old Milford and they're extremely reasonable.  But they don't have party facilities.  How many guests are you expecting?  Some restaurants have private party rooms - you'd get your room and food together (and not have to bother with catering). 
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    Thanks for you suggestion! I checked into some of your suggestions. i really like the grove, newport syndicate, and sem villa chapel. i would have never thought about the art museum! im not planning to invite more than 150 guest. I have a 10,000 budget, which is for everything except my engagement ring...so every penny count. I haven't put any thought into having the ceremony and reception in the same location, that's something's to think about. I don't really want to do a restaurants. Planning a wedding is hard than I thought! Lol
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    Here's the site for a Knot article that's been around for awhile on doing a wedding for $10K or less.  It's got great info and suggestions.  (BTW, the Art Museum is very pricey.)


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    Old St. Marys is a gorgeous church! Its $800 but you both do not have to be catholic or belong to the church.
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