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I wanted to know what your recommendations are for places to get my wedding dress altered and bustled. If you could give me your recommendations as well as how much it cost you I would really appreciate it.


Re: Alterations

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    Lorie Schur 513.825.1987

    She's in the Fairfield area and is so good at what she does! She is much, much cheaper than anyone that I interviewed and did a much better job!

    Good luck!
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    Sallie Gregory in Mason. her website is  www.sewspecial.biz
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    I used Sallie. I had two dresses done and they were about $430.  One was altered down from a 12 to a 2 and she did a great job on it, cost about $250. The other needed the bust taken in and a hem...Cost was around $180.
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    I'm between Sallie Gregory and Stitches by Pauline.  Anyone had experience with Stitches by Pauline or already done the legwork for who had more reasonable prices?
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    Pauline gets a lot of good reviews on the board and is very reasonably priced.  I used her--she shortened the spaghetti straps on my gown, shortened the hem, added bra cups  and did the bustle, and I think it cost about $65.

    I was happy with the bustle, but not quite as happy with the straps and hem because she didn't finish them the way I would have.  However, my mom sews a lot and is VERY particular about finishing, so I think I have really high standards.  For example, Pauline shortened the straps by looping them, which worked fine, but she didn't tack down the loops.  Because it was in back I didn't notice that on my wedding day the loops were sticking out!  Probably no one else noticed, but when I saw them in the pictures, I wished they'd been tacked down.  Same with the bra cups--they weren't stitched in as well as I would have liked.  Those are minor things, though.

    I was more disappointed in the hem.  This is kind of hard to describe, but the skirt went about 3/4 around, and then the rest of it was a separate piece with the train.  I thought she'd shorten the bottom the whole way around the 3/4 part of the dress, but she didn't--she hemmed only the front part, so that the sides were longer than the front.  I had to be careful when I walked, and you can definitely see in the pictures that the sides of the dress are longer than the front.

    Overall I will say if you don't need a hem, I'd go with her.  If you do need a hem, make sure you tell her you wanted the whole thing shortened, and you should be fine.  I also had her hem a pair of boot-cut jeans for me, and she did a very good job on those.
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    I really recommend Kim Dao Alterations. I loved the hemming and bustle work she did on my dress, it was very careful and detail-oriented.  No way that bustle will be coming off.  She's in downtown near the Garfield Hotel.  She specializes in difficult work but she can do simple jobs of course, and the great part is, she's reasonably priced!  You get a lot for your money.
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