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Laura Smale
to tom

Hello I just wanted to let you know that I seen your company at a recent bridal show. I have been looking for a good service for my wedding on May4th 2013. I have contacted about 5 companies now and received some quotes. I have realized that is a busy day for transportation companies and hotels. I was on your website and like the feature to chat with a representative. I started a chat session with one of your employees and I did not have a good experience. First off his wording and spelling need a lot of help. He is not a good representative of your company, but that is just my opinion. I asked him about that day and he informed me you are 75% sold out and really dint seem too interested in selling out the other 25%. I told him that a couple of companies offered a car to come back at the end of the reception and get the groom and myself and take us to a hotel. He said we do that but not for someone booking the minimum # of hours. Really? That was awful rude to say to someone. That make me feel like my business isnt as good as everyone else. That was just rude! He then said we can do it but it would change the quote by 200.00. My friend was at Bridal and Formal getting her wedding dress as she is getting married in July. She stopped by your office last week and there were 2 guys making mixed drinks while the office was open. I dont know if you were one of those guys but I think drinking while open is a big turn off to customers expecially when you are in the transportation business. I just thought as a business owner myself that you would like to know what is going on with your company. I guess I will just go to one of the other companies that quoted me and wanted my business. I have included a copy of the chat we had. Thank you for your time!

14:05:42 Thank you for contacting us. An operator will be with you shortly...
14:05:42 Visitor: What do you have that will hold 22 people for a wedding may 4
14:07:15 Operator Aaron Wright joined the chat
14:07:26 Aaron Wright: Hello! Thanks for inquiring about a limo rental with Motortoys Limo Service! My name is Aaron and I would love to assist you today with your inquiry.
14:07:47 Aaron Wright: we have a 25 passenger escalade available for that day!
14:08:30 Visitor: Do you have a bus
14:08:44 Aaron Wright: May 4th is the hardest day of the year to rent a limo, its right in the middle of prom/wedding season and its the day of the Kentucky Durby! wich is a huge sell out date.. we do have one available as of now! how many hours might you need it for?
14:09:15 Aaron Wright: no im very sorry we are not only sold out of our 3 bus's but also sold out of our two new busses taht arent even on our fleet till next month >.<
14:09:21 Visitor: Do you have any wedding packages? I was thinking 4 maybe
14:09:49 Aaron Wright: because of the day we do have a 5 hour minimum
14:10:01 Aaron Wright: and all of our packages would be for more alotted times
14:10:24 Visitor: what is your pricing like?
14:10:29 Aaron Wright: if we did the 5 hour min on the 4th in the 25 passenger it woudl be $1145+tip
14:10:43 Visitor: and what is the tip rate?
14:11:57 Aaron Wright: for the 5 hours it would be $120 which is 24/h for there pay/tip
14:12:38 Visitor: Are there mileage restrictions? Stop restrictions? What do you do for weddings?
14:12:41 Aaron Wright: we also do a $100 deposite to reserve the vehicle which i would recomend ASAP for any saturday in May.. the rest of the ballance isnt due untill 30 days before
14:13:17 Aaron Wright: we go all over the place daton, columbus, ect.. but we would need to know if you wanted to go to , lets say florida!
14:13:33 Aaron Wright: its your personal shuttle for the entire time so there is no stop restrictions
14:13:51 Aaron Wright: and we color cordinate the napkins in the glass of the limo to the bridal party
14:14:21 Aaron Wright: all of our driver are employees not contractors so they are trained very well go give amazing wedding service.
14:14:52 Visitor: Ok other companies that I have talked to throw in wedding extras? Do you guys have any? Some offer a free transfer at end of reception to take me and the new groom home, Do you?
14:15:37 Visitor: What do you mean you color coordinate the napkins to the bridal party?
14:15:57 Aaron Wright: a lot of things that companies consider extra we do at no charge.. having a 2nd vehicle on the most sold out day of the year could not be one of them im sorry
14:16:52 Visitor: I have a quote from someone and they said it would be no problem to send a town car back at the end of my reception to go to the hotel. You dont offer that?
14:17:14 Aaron Wright: we would love to do that for you but it would change the quote
14:17:37 Aaron Wright: by about $200 dollars
14:18:30 Visitor: So you charge 200.00 for a car to come and do a quick transfer to the hotel at the end of the night when 4 other companies do it for free just tip? Is that correct?
14:20:01 Aaron Wright: most days we would very much love to do that for you, unfortunatly we have that date blocked out for promos and extras as we are already at 75% capasity and will be turning people away for this date
14:20:41 Aaron Wright: i trust that you look on line at reviews and see what makes motortoys limos and service so desired i would love to earn your business but that is just not something we are able to do for that date
14:21:18 Aaron Wright: and even if we were able to do that (which we are not) we would not provide that for someone renting the minimum hours possible
14:21:31 Aaron Wright: on some of our bigger packages we can do that on MOST days
14:22:16 Visitor: Wow ok that was kind of a rude statement. I guess I will do business with someone else who appreciates it. Thank you for your time!
14:22:41 Aaron Wright: thank you and have a very good day! i hope your wedding goes well and best of wishes for you!
14:22:57 Visitor: Thank you I am sure it will!
14:23:13 Visitor: Who is the owner of your company?
14:23:50 Aaron Wright: His name is Tom Muehlenkamp
14:24:19 Visitor: May I please have his contact info?
14:24:26 Aaron Wright: [email protected]
14:24:49 Visitor: I think he would like to know the way his people are treating potential customers...
14:25:14 Aaron Wright: im very sorry that you feel that way, we do our best to help everyone on these sell out days
14:25:37 Aaron Wright: unfortunatly there is just somethings we are not able to do for our potential customers!
14:26:43 Visitor: I understand its a sell out date but you just told me that you are only 75% sold out. I think I would be working on selling the other 25% and not chasing people away. Tom's email is [email protected]?
14:27:16 Aaron Wright: yes it is

This is the treatment I got trying to price out a limo and still no response from the owner. Does anyone have any suggestions who they used that was good and reasonably priced? I never knew getting a limo would be so difficult? Please help

Thank you for your time.
Laura Smale

Re: Unbelievable Customer Service I Need help with a limo

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    You might try Gallant Coach. We hired them for our wedding day in August 11'. I will say, we had a hard time communicating with them at the time, but maybe they've stepped it up. www.gallantcoach.com
  • Reading your conversation for the second time, I'm not quite sure where the rudeness is? He said that he wasn't able to accommodate your request, what's the issue?
  • I tend to agree. Maybe it wasn't the answer you were looking for but they did say that they couldn't accomodate you which is better than booking with you and not being able to follow through. Personally, sorry to say, but I feel like you came off much more abbrasive than he did. Yes prom isn't a wedding but when you're 18 it's a big deal and they are busy. I'm going to have to agree with PP about this one.
  • Try Coach Quarters. They have really nice tour buses with a kitchen and bathroom.
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