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So.. hopefully I can put all of this in here and it make sense, LOL!  We are getting married in Trenton OH at the Barn n Bunk. My future mother-in-law has offered to host the rehearsal dinner (YAY!, I was nervous about it).  She lives in another state and has asked for some places to have it.  I know that she does not have a lot of money, and she mentioned she was only paying for the people in the wedding and my parents.  (We are going to pick up the bill for the dates.... But that is another topic!). The Barn n Bunk is kind of further away from any hotels and restaurants.  We are have a large wedding but it is very relaxed.  I would be okay with a BBQ but we can't have it there b/c it will be ready for the wedding, and our house is 30 minutes in the opposite direction of most people.  Anyone have any recommendations for a place to have the rehearsal dinner that isn't too expensive, or any ideas if people will have to travel a little to get to the rehearsal dinner?? I dont want to pick anything that will cause too much of a strain on her wallet (or ours...)
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Re: rehearsal dinner- Trenton Oh

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    I dont live in Trenton but went to Miami and always drove by, There is a pizza place there (richards) and also a sports bar type thing (for the life of my I can't think of the name). You could so go to Oxford, it's only about 20 minutes away and there are plenty of places up there that you could have it. My favorite is always 45 East. It's a college town so it's not overly expensive. Good Luck!
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    Try Bruno's at the Elks Country Club on Route 4.  I recenlty hosted a bridal shower there and it turned out wonderful! They have renovated the space.  It is very nice but still very affordable.  Ask for Amy, she did a great job for us.  Weather permitting, she may have an outdoor space with a golf course view.  Good luck!
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