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This bride is losing her mind!

Is anyone else feeling that way?  I feel like my work is suffering because I am distracted.  Not my actual nursing care, because I have to be professional, but the rest of it.  For example I made a note of what paperwork I had to do and lost it twice already today before it got done. The first was in the the process of making it.  Sigh, and still so much to do.  Only 50 RSVPs to track down in 2 days. 

Re: This bride is losing her mind!

  • YES! I am feelin' this way!!! I've misplaced soooo many things here recently!
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  • OMG, yes! I'm very organized and rarely forget things, but lately I've been a mess. I have a planner and write everything down. Thing is, I forget to check my planner! So for things that are time sensitive, I put a calendar alert in my phone so that it rings & at least I have a slight chance of actually remembering to do something. I've made 2 trips to the craft store this week and BOTH times forgot my list at work. GRRR
  • I agree, I have too many lists and don't know which one to follow half the time.  To top it off I just started a new job on Monday so I have to put in that extra effort to learn.
  • I am extremely organized and work in health care too. My work has defineately been suffering! I haven't been forgetting things but I feel like I am working all the time! I get lots do e one day and the next I spread myself out too thin and get nothing done. I feel your pain! But you will get through it. Hang in there!

  • Feeling the same way! Also I think my office might be getting annoyed because I keep taking half days to get things done for the wedding (dress fitting, marriage license, etc) as well as getting calls on my cell regarding wedding stuff. Plus my boss is mid-divorce so she might not be in a place to be sympathetic to wedding woes...
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