Thinking about being an AA Bride??? I wouldnt if I were you...

Just wanted to pass along an experience I had. Feel free to take it, ignore it, or leave it....

I had a wonderful dress buying experience in Dayton, but after that it all fell apart. I had 6 dress fittings with the seamstress at the store. Each time the dress had major fitting problems and each time the seamstress blamed me for the problems. I heard everything from "you are too curvy" to "are you eating too much salt" to "are you not eating".... many of these statements were at fittings that were 3 or 4 days apart.

When I tried to talk to the manager, she would ignore me or tell me "good enough should be fine". 1 week before my wedding the dress still did not fit and the seamstress told me that she didn't think she could make it work. She also told me that she could try a few more things but that she wont know how the fabric will lay until I try it on. As you can imagine this did not leave me with much confidence. When I left the store that day, without my dress, nobody in the store said anything to me... not the manager, not the seamstress, not the sales lady. I immediately went across the street and tried on dresses at David's. I found a wonderful dress and it was fitted to me PERFECTLY in 4 days.

AA still has the dress and I am trying to get my money back. So far I am getting a lot of run around and the seamstress is lying to the district manager. The district manager is having the dress shipped to her to look at. I will get a decision then. Until that point I am advising everyone I know and even those I dont to beware of using their seamstress or even giving them your business.

I hope that nobody ever has the same experience I had :(

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Re: Thinking about being an AA Bride??? I wouldnt if I were you...

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    Sorry to hear about your terrible experience. It's never any fun when the employees of the store are not helpful at all. They are supposed to make you feel special! 
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    I'm sorry to hear that. I have worked with Sue, the manager, one many occasions while looking for my dress so I'm very shocked to hear this. I'm glad it worked out for you!
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    Oh wow, I'm sorry you had to go through all this! I'm glad that you ended up being able to find a dress at DB!
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    OMG, that's horrid. The planning is supposed to be fun, but people like this turn it into a nightmare.  Keeping fingers crossed that this all works out in your favor. 
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    Thanks everyone. I was very fortunate that I was able to get a gorgeous dress at the last minute. I just hope this does not happen to anyone else EVER.

    As a addition... the district manager told me she would call me monday and today it is wednesday and still no call.

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