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How do you deal with negative emotions after receiving a declined RSVP.  I feel like I am more upset about people that decline, than happy about people who accept (even though i know that those who will be there are extra special to us, and we truly appreciate them comming).
however, even today, one of my friend bragged on fb how they will go travel Europe (during our wedding time).  She knew about the wedding 10 months in advance, and she purchased tickets today?! even though when i saw her 2 weeks ago she didn't mention a thing?
i just feel crushed.  I fell that for some of them I don't even want them to be part of our new life.  and then i realize that as long as i have my FI and my family, then its the most important part of our day! not the guests....

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    Don't take it personally. Easier said than done but in all reality no one will be as excited or care as much about your wedding as you do. Some people just don't get it, especially if they've never been married before.
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    It is normal to feel disappointed by declines especially if you feel that it isn't a valid reason. I just posted on another board that I have two "friends" that are acting shady IMO. One said she can't come because she is going to a music festival that occurs EVERY year. And the other said she won't come unless she finds a date to come with her. Even though we share several mutual friends.

    But on the bright side, I have people in my life that surprised me with how much effort they are putting in to make our day extra special. I realized we have more loved ones that support us than those that don't. 
    Your wedding is going to be amazing and those that don't come will miss out. Their problem not yours.

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    It doesnt bother me at all. I just write them an email or FB with "I wish you could make it, I understand" etc etc etc. I havent had any family or close friends RSVP decline. 
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    I can't wait to get some no's!!  But I wouldn't cut someone out of your life b/c they can't attend your wedding.  Your wedding is not as important to anyone else besides you and your FI.  Maybe that is the only time they can go to Europe.  If I had to choose between going to a wedding for 1 night and Europe I would choose Europe too.  She probably didn't say anything to you because she felt bad.
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    Oh I know, we already got our first "no" but we haven't sent our our invitations. We gave one of our friends an invitation already because she is moving to Belgium and obviously she'll not be able to come.

    We need some "no"s though!!
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