I found my Allure dress for 50% off at European Bridal

I just stumbled upon the greatest deal in Cincinnati and had to share. Upon entering European Bridal I was greeted in such a warm and welcoming manner that I fell in love with the charming boutique right away.  When I explained to the consultant that I was on not only a time crunch, but a tight budget as well, she took me upstairs to a beautiful showroom full of Allure dresses that were all 50% off!  There was a great selection and range of prices to choose from.  I found the exact style I had been searching for and was able to take it with me that day.  Thank you European Bridal!!!

Re: I found my Allure dress for 50% off at European Bridal

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    I also had a very good experience with European Bridal.  I was lucky that they had just a few dresses my size on the rack that were 75% off, right on the first floor.  I found one I loved and got it then and there as well.
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