Anyone hire CCM musicians?

Has anyone ever gone through CCM to hire student musicians for their wedding/reception?  How far in advance do you need to book them?  What is a reasonable price range to negotiate for a trio or quartet (jazz, strings, etc. etc.)?


Re: Anyone hire CCM musicians?

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    I am having a flute soloist, Becki Chesnes, and she's amazing!  She is actually writing a lot of the music for mine since I wanted some contemporary stuff that's not commonly found for flute.   I'm sure she can pull together a trio, either of other flutes or a mixture of whatever instruments you want, I just had a tight budget.  Here's her site: http://www.rebekahchesnes.com/
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    I did- but they just sent me a list and I contacted them individually. The group I used isnt around anymore, but if you call them they will give you the run down!
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    Yes, we hired one to do music for the ceremony. My FI's mother works as an administrative assistant for the college. Let me know if need help finding a musician.
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    Le Four String Quartet played at our wedding and they were wonderful.
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