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Bride Friends, Photography contd from 2 weeks ago.

So I posted about my photographer, and forgot to update you all - sorry! 
We used Inlight Photography. He gave us an online code, we saw our photos, and he said he would mail out our photos that next day (Monday). Well, we called him a week later - he still hadn't mailed them. Then we called two weeks later - hadn't mailed them, but then called the next day and said he did. I waited a week, no mail. 

Then I went to his store and he said he mailed them a week prior... it came in the mil 5 days later and was post dated for the day AFTER I went in his store. 

I do like some of the photos, but now I'm more upset I was lied to - to my face.

Re: Bride Friends, Photography contd from 2 weeks ago.

  • I've heard so many horror stories of friends from their photoraphers.  They all say the same thing and lie to your face.  I wouldn't take it personal, they always liel.  That's what the  majority of our friends say anyways.  At least you did like some of them though, that's always a good thing :)
  • I am going to the Bridal shows in January in Cincinnati and will ask all photogs this question. I think I am pretty good with spotting liars by now. ;) Any other suggestions about what I should ask all vendors at the shows?
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