Looking for a Christian Church in NKY

Can anyone reccommend a Christian Church in NKY that will marry non-members? We heard a rumor that the church we were looking to use will not marry co-habitating couples. Any held would be appreciated.

Re: Looking for a Christian Church in NKY

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    Try the Sanctuary in Newport.  You provide your own officiant...but that way you can make the ceremony as religious as you'd like.  It's a sweet little church but can't accomodate a huge crowd (150, maybe?). 
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    We found a beautiful church in Park Hills, KY. Signing the contract this week. If anyone wants the info I am happy to share.
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    It would be great if you don't mind sharing that information about the church in Park Hills, my reception is in Park Hills and I've been looking for a ceremony site.  Thanks

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    The church is Faith Church. It is located at 1101 Amsterdam in Park Hills. I found them on FB and contacted them through their FB site. The contact person is Jenni and she has been very helpful. We have looked at the church twice and are in the process of settign up an appointment with the pastor to decide on our ceremony. I believe their facebook page is under "Weddings in the Hills-Faith Church"
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    Crossroads in Florence (not exactly NKY, but close) will marry non members and its free. 
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    We looked at Faith Church also!! We decided to go with Vineyard Central, it's in Norwood, a little north of Park Hills, however its an old cathedral and it's beautiful (Christian) - not catholic. Good luck!
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