Netherland Plaza Continental Room?

Has anyone used this for their ceremony & reception? How many people did you have and was it comfortable? The Hilton website says the Continental room holds 200 guests (seated at 10-person rounds) but the woman who gave us our tour said it's actually 160. 

Our invite list is at 235, so we'd have to cut all "plus ones" and a few others to even have a chance of getting under that 160. I don't love that idea, but with our wedding colors the room would be stunning. (We're considering Hall of Mirrors, but would have to move our date potentially into the winter- blah...) 

It's also a Jewish wedding, so dance floor size is a consideration when you have 100 people trying to do the hora! Advice???

Re: Netherland Plaza Continental Room?

  • Find another location, don't skip your plus ones. That is rude to your guest's.
  • Honestly, judging by the family weddings I've attended, most people on our list don't bring plus ones (unless it's a long-time partner, in which case they'd be named on the invite anyway), but I agree, it's not something we want to do. 

    They have a larger ballroom (the Hall of Mirrors) that's also incredible, it's at the top of our list right now. I just love the Continental and wondered if anyone out there could speak to how many people the room comfortably holds, since there's some discrepancy between what the official website says and what our rep told us. 
  • We had our reception in the Pavilion room at Netherland Plaza last spring.  I absolutely loved the atmosphere and architecture of the hotel and reception room.  We had about 235 and had plenty of room in the Pavilion room.  It is cheaper than the Hall of Mirrors and actually bigger.  We ended up doing tables of 8 to make the room appear more full.  From my very little time in the Continental room, I feel like it was pretty small (But it's been awhile since I've seen it).

    I loved everything about the Hilton with the exception of our consultant that worked with us.  She didn't seem to care too much about her job and did not go "above and beyond."  If you have any questions, feel free to PM me! 
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