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Can anyone recommend a good place to get one?  Any idea what they run in price?  And do they still smell funny?  A coworker got one last summer and I didn't have the heart to tell her she smelled like an 80s perm for 3 days :(

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    I go often to Palm Beach tan in hyde park. They have a versa spa spray tan which is much better than mystic. Yes, it smells. But I don't think I smell for 3 says :)

    Also, I found a company that comes to your house. I am having my BM's sprayed the day before the wedding as a gift. the website is www.nice-tan.com.

    Hope that helps!
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    I know they do it at Avalon in Hyde Park Plaza, which is more of a spa then like a tanning place...

    Are youterrified that the spray tan will rub off on your white dress when you sweat? I think I am scared enough of that to not do it....
    I've seen people at the beach and its all over their towels..so I am terrified of what it will do to a white dress
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    Oh gosh, JLil, I never thought of that.  Now I am!  Maybe I'll try a tanning bed, just this one time?  I'm usually completely opposed to them.
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    Yeah, I have fair skin, and don't tan well, but I don't want to be pasty white for the wedding (and also for the honeymoon...don't want to be a lobster!). I went to the tanning bed for the very first time today. Was nervous about it, but it wasn't too bad. I certainly do not plan on continuing after the fact because like you, I really do worry about my skin. Especially knowing someone who was recently diagnosed with malignant melanoma after having multiple spots of skin cancer.
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    I got a versaspa spraytan before my sister's wedding and we had light yellow dresses and it did not rub off and I thought it looked subtle and natural.  I am probably going to do it again.  I found this link on the beauty boards, hurry and try it in the month of April to see if you like for free!

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