Hughes Center?

Okay so i booked my reception hall and i have questions about it for anyone that can help me.  I am told that 150 people are seated comfortably in there however i need to know if that is the truth i was there today and it seemed pretty small. has anyone had a reception there and can give me some insight about it????
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Re: Hughes Center?

  • Lindseym8Lindseym8 member
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    I actually looked into a few months ago because a one of my bridesmaids works at camp campbel guard, and they told me only 90 people could fit in there.  They handed me a flyer about the info and on it it said 150 but the scratched it out for me and said only 90. Hope this helps!
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    i've booked there and actually went out to measure the space. I was told they have 90 chairs BUT that 130 would fit in there if i was to include food tables, a dance floor and a band. but i'm not sure. I think to play it safe we are going to try to stay closer to 100ppl. I do know that there was a wedding there a couple of weeks ago where there was supposed to be 150ppl but i can't believe it worked out!
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