St. Xavier Parking?

I am hoping to have my wedding at St. Xavier in downtown Cincinnati.  I was wondering if anyone has had/is planning a wedding there.  Specifically, I'd like to know how you handled your guest's parking.  Thanks!!!

Re: St. Xavier Parking?

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    I went to a wedding there last year...there is a parking garage right across the street where we parked, and I think it was only $3. 
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    Just got married there last weekend, there's a parking lot literally right next to the church (the church doesn't own it, but it's not expensive) and there is also a parking garage right across the street :)
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    Thanks girls!!
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    I am getting married there in April and I called the place who manages the parking lot beside the church and the garage across the street (owned by P & G, I think).  We are going with the garage because they were $2 a car.  The lot beside the church was $4-5 a car.  They told me you can rent out half the lot or the full lot.  P& G you only pay for the cars that actually parked for your event.  Kathy at the church can give you phone numbers to call. 
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