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I ordered and purchased my dress months ago and was told it would come in the first week of April. I have called twice since then to see if they have my dress. Both times the lady I spoke to (two different ladies) said they would call me back, the second said she'd call me back that day (which was yesterday). I have yet to receive a call from them, so I still have no clue where my dress is. I'm not freaking out since my wedding is 3 months away, but I think they are handling the situation horribly and I still have no answers! Has anyone had this experience with them?

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    Unfortunately there have not been a lot of favorable things said about Wendy's on here. I can't speak from experience but it sounds like what you're going through is pretty typical of them. I'm sorry you're going through this....hopefully they'll respond soon.

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    I had similar problems with getting information from then or even having them answer the phone. It's unfortunate because their salespeople are so good and they have awesome dresses. Their after the sale service really sucks. On the bright side everything worked out there for me. The alterations lady is wonderful and so nice. My dress fits awesome and is ready to go for my wedding in 15 days.
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    Krausjm, how did you end up getting through to them and actually getting information? I'm glad everything worked out well for you!
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    I ended up just calling over and over. I also would leave a message every time they didn't answer. I also had my BMs call to check on their dresses and asked them to ask about mine too.
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    We didn't get our BM dresses from there. I'm thankful we didn't so they don't have to deal with this! I think I may just go there in person and see what's up, they can't really not give me an answer that way. 
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