reserving hotel block for alms or ault park reception

Hey all!

I've started trying to figure out where to get a block of rooms for our wedding/reception at Alms park. I'm not seeing any hotels really nearby, so I thought I'd see if any other brides had any suggestions. I'm thinking it mighty just be easiest to do Northern Kentucky or downtown since they're right off of 50, but is that too far?

What do you think? Are there any other brides with alms or ault/what did you decide to do?

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Re: reserving hotel block for alms or ault park reception

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    Look for something in Mariemont - like the Mariemont Inn - since it's a straight shot east on 50.  It's probably about the same distance from Alms Park as Kentucky or downtown would be and you'd miss all the downtown/Reds/Levee/other attractions traffic. 
  • I think downtown or the Mariemont Inn would be fine. You could also shoot for Clifton. I know there's a Springhill Suites there. There's also the Clifton House B&B in an old mansion, depending on how many people you have you could book the whole thing which would be really unique and fun.
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  • I am getting married at Ault Park next June and we blocked the Millennium Hotel downtown. It is about 15 min from the park. Just an FYI the Marimont Inn is not that easy to work with and it's kind of expensive. You will also be obligated to fullfill at least 75% of the rooms or you have to pay the difference. The downtown Hilton also gave us a great price. We are just going to hire a shuttle to run people from the park to the hotel at the end of the reception. 

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  • They're building a new hotel (a Marriott, I believe?) across from Rookwood Commons right now. It might be done and ready to book by your wedding and would be closer than downtown, Mariemont or Clifton. However, if I had to choose amongst those three, I would probably go with downtown. It's the same distance but there is more for guests to see and do.
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    Wright944, I have been reading your posts and they've really helped me :)

    We got engaged in May 2013 and have a budget of maximum $12,000; from your experience, do you think this would be possible? Love the idea of having the Ceremony and Reception at Ault Park. Did you end up tenting? Whatever happened with the chair situation? Who'd yall use as your caterer?

    I truly appreciate any and all guidance,
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    **I should say I'm interested in Alms or Ault park in fall 2014- love the idea of being there with the changing leaves. Honestly, we've never been there before but love the pictures we've seen (we went to HS together in cincy, but live together in Chicago now). We've got a while still to plan, but I need to at least pick a venue asap before I start to go crazy. 
  • sbrig, I'm glad I have been able to help you some. I actually did not end up getting married at Ault Park. We got married at Cincinnati Music Hall. Our experience with Ault park was that they nickel and dime you. To be honest with you, a $12,000 budget is not enough to get married there. Mine was $15,000 and if I would have stayed with them, I would have been no less than $7,000 over budget. They charge you extra for everything! That will be the case for Alms park as well. At music hall we got all of our tables, chairs, there was no catering fee and we were able to start setting up on Friday. And they were great to work with. 

    I suggest using Village Pantry Catering. Jay Ward is the best to work with and I got nothing be rave reviews on their food! It was so good and they are relatively inexpensive for everything that you get.

    Good luck with everything!!!
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  • sbrig,

    I just got married at Alms Park and totally agree with what wright944 said. My wedding was absolutely gorgeous, but I wouldn't use the parks again because they do nickel and dime you and blew my budget out of the water. They make you pay for all the individual rentals (chairs, tables, tablecloths, etc), buy your alcohol from them (cheapest was $15/pp), and use specific caterers. They were easy to work with, but definitely more expensive. 

    We did go with Village Pantry at Alms, and I have zero complaints about them. The food was great, they were the cheapest option on the list, and they were great day of as well. Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions about the parks or any other venues! There are some I looked at that I think might have been better choices looking back.

    Good luck!
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