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These last 40 minutes of work are going to DRAG I just know it!!

Re: hurry!

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    Seriouslyyyyy.  I'm so tired and cranky and it's SO HOT in my office, too.  Wahh
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    I am so cranky. I have a huge cut on my forehead right now because I used some pimple cream and it burned my face. I am so angry! At least my shower is next weekend, not this coming weekend . . . :(
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    Oh no Bride!!  That stinks but like you said at least it is next weekend!
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    I have a killer headache and only got back one RSVP in the mail today.  Its making my headache worse since we are still waiting to hear from over 100 guests...what a bunch of jerks!
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    Ugh, you east coast girls are lucky! It's only 1:45 here, so that means I have 3 hours and 15 mins left! :-(

    Being in the sun and in the water all weekend at the river drained me out! I'm so ready for a nap!

    We only got 1 rsvp back today too according to my mom. We are waiting on 90 people. to rsvp still also! We also got our first rsvp returned with "uninvited guests" added!!! We invited Mr. and Mrs. and they decided it would be dandy to include their 3 grown over 18 yr old children (1 that lives in texas!) This is my FI's dad's partner that did this. Apparently this guy is really cheap, so maybe once we explain to him that his 3 children would cost about $1,000 he will get it! I really can't believe people are so rude and do this.
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    I was hoping since it's a shorter work week that the days would go faster.  No such luck today!  The only thing that went fast was lunch.
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    Ugh today dragged on at work.  I'm so exhausted I'm about ready to go to bed already!

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