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Rehearsal dinner at City Cellars?

Has anyone had their rehearsal dinner at City Cellars? Do you know anything at all about it? The location downtown is close to our wedding venue and it seems like a really intimate and quaint space. I am most curious about the menu and the prices.
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Re: Rehearsal dinner at City Cellars?

  • cincy32011cincy32011 member
    edited December 2011
    I contacted them a few months ago, but it wasn't large enough for our group.  They hold 42-45 people for a seated dinner, and you have to order drinks through them.  I don't remember if there's a rental fee.  If there is, it's minimal.  You can bring in any caterer you want.  I think the only food they actually provide is pizza. 
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  • mschneid02mschneid02 member
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    I toured the space - they were updating it so it might be nicer.  When I saw it it was just kind of the back fo the store.  They were REALLY flexible on stuff - we just had more people than would fit... Bottom line: it's not the nicest space in the world, but flexibility and cost would have outweighed that for me. 
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    We are having our rehearsal dinner there in April.  The fella's taking care of the details because his family is footing the bill, but I think it was $25 per person for woodfired pizzas (which are tasty), appetizers, and drinks.  They also let you bring in your own food if you don't like theirs.  We did a trail run with our parents and thought the pizzas were great, so we're going to have them provide food.  Convenience and affordability were big factors for us.  The staff there is very friendly. 

    When we ate there a month or so ago, there were 6 of us and we had pizza, beer, soda, and an appetizer.  The whole bill was somewhere around $50.

    There are two small rooms with tables behind the front room (where the alcohol lives).  We are picky about wine and beer and they have some great options for good prices.

    That said, we aren't having a huge rehearsal dinner.  We'll have about 40 people.  On Friday nights, they're open to 11pm, so we're going to open it up to everyone who's in from out of town after a few hours.  (The current plan is to eat from 6-7:30 and then invite others from 7:30pm on.)
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    We toured City Cellars two weeks ago, right about closing time on a Friday night. We are also interested in convenience and price. We are having a very formal reception on a Friday night and our wedding party isn't huge, so we are looking for a low key rehearsal dinner on a Thursday night. I really liked the guy who showed us around and it looks like it will be perfect for what we need. Thanks so much for your pizza/price review; it was quite helpful.
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    You're welcome!  It sounds like it might be a good fit for you.  Good luck!
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