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I Need Your Advice.

So over two months ago we went to James Wolfe Jewelers to get our wedding bands. They did not have what I wanted in stock so they told me that they would order the exact ring that I wanted, and then they ordered my Fiances band as well. They told me they would both come in in approximately 2 weeks and they would give us a call...Well, a month passed and I hadn't gotten a call. So I stopped by the store, and they had my Fiances ring, but they "couldn't find" my order. So I paid for my fiances ring and took it home. Once he got it on, we discovered it was HUGE. So we went back in and they pulled out totally different ring sizes to remeasure him, since he had a tungsten ring, than they had originally measured him in. Ummm...Why wouldn't they have just measured him with those in the first place??? So we had to send his ring back so that they could get a different size. Again, we were told like 2 weeks for both of our rings. So again, a month passes and I stop in the store. At this point it is a month before our wedding, and they give me my fiances ring, and inform me that they could not get me the ring that I wanted, but they could get me a ring with even bigger diamonds for a higher price. Well that is NOT what i want. Now I am stuck a month before my wedding without a wedding band for myself.

Do you ladies know any amazing jewelers that will be able to swing it for me?? I have already talked to a few others, and they say that they can get me that ring, just not in time for the wedding...

So Sad.

Re: I Need Your Advice.

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    Try James Free Jewelers. I've had a good experience with them
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    Try Jared. That's where we got my rings. They are amazing and can size onsite in like an hour or so. Seriously, they did my engagement ring in about an hour and a half on a Saturday when they were really busy.

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    My fiance got mine at Eddie Lanes. He said they told him about 2 weeks, it was delivered to our out-of-town address in less time than that. They have all styles and are very professional.
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    I definitely recommend James Free. They have great turn around times and you will not experience any sort of run around with them. Not to mention they have a huge selection and awesome stuff. Good Luck.
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    Try James Free or Richter and Phillips.

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    Without a doubt, try Yelton's in West Chester- off Union Centre.  We could NOT find a wedding band in the world that matched my e-ring but they were able to!  We got my e-ring from James Free and had an OK experience, but Yelton's completely blew any jeweler away with their customer service!  They will do whatever they need to do to help you out of your bind.  They also do all of their work onsite, so they're VERY quick!

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    Herzog Jewelers off of Dixie Highway in Kentucky has been wonderful.  I think I've talked to 4 or 5 people who work there and they were all very nice and very professional. 
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    I second Eddie Lanes!
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