birdcage veil help!

Hello from a long-time lurker, first-time poster!

Two months until the wedding, and I just now decided to try on my birdcage veil... which is twice as big as my small head!! In my slight paranoia two months out, I'm also afraid that my hairdresser will have no idea how to work with this. Anyone with experience in birdcage veils... what a typical one looks like, a hairdresser rec who's worked with these before, or any other general advice would be greatly appreciated!


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    Here are some photos of mine- I had a mild panic attach too  - dont worry it will be fine. Play around with it - I wore mine sideways... it worked out well

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    I've played with mine - I think mine is relatively small, but yeah, links to it : here
    Obviously not perfect as it was just playing around, but kind of just pull your hair back and play with it.  Also - Oncewed.com has a LOT of weddings with girls in birdcage veils of all sizes.  Also the etsy seller I bought mine from (link in blog) has a lot of sizes and REALLY great inspirational imagery.
    Any hairdresser should be able to work with these - they are quite popular.  My bridal consultant stuck one in my hair and it looked great.  You should be fine where ever you go!
    Good luck.
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