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Hey all,

I was curious where everyone was getting their dresses? I'm not planning on spending too much on my dress but i would like to check out a few different places. 

Thanks ladies

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    Alta Moda Bridal
    A Bride Beautiful

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    I am going to be ordering mine and then having it altered to fit.  So I am not buying it locally but there seems to be a lot of shops around here.

    Are you doing a veil? I'm not but a friend of mine did and she had hers made by her mom and it turned out beautifully and was something like $7 and it was a long veil trimmed in thin ribbon. That might be a great way to save because I know veils can be quite a lot. Some places include your veil at no extra charge if you buy a dress there, but I don't know what their selection is like.

    I haven't decided on bridesmaids dresses yet, I am not that far in planning, but I might look for those locally. I know that the maids usually pay for their own dresses but I am going to buy them so I can have what I want and not worry about fitting their budgets.  But I will probably buy those locally, so I would be interested in hearing about what other's think of bridals shops too.
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    A Bride Beautiful is amazing!!  I went in not knowing what I wanted, and after trying on a couple dress, the salewoman I was working with started to pull dresses that I loved based on my reactions to the dress I was trying on.

     They are going to help me add some embelishments to a plain dress and take off a halter strap I didn't love to make it a strapless dress.  Everyone there was extremely helpful and accomadating!
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    A Bride Beautiful has amazing dresses and atmosphere and their dresses are very reasonably priced.  Definitely go!  Alta Moda is uber expensive so just know that going in...
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    I got my dress at David's Bridal. It is a "style sample" so it's super unique and I totally love it! The consultants were nice and not at all pushy. They were totally patient even though we brought little girls who ran around the store to my appointment. The prices are very good, and they have tons of sizes. I will also get my bridesmaid dresses there because you can get a DB credit card that is one year same as cash - to help spread out the cost without the finance charges! They are also partnered with Men's Wearhouse so you can do the same thing w/ tuxes. Also, they have national locations so out of town bridal/groom party members can go get fitted, see your color palette, and pick up their attire in their own city.
    I will, however, be getting accessories elsewhere - I want a little more sassiness in my shoes than what they offer. Plus, the veil I want is $150 there!!!! I'm convinced I can do better than that!
    While they do have some more modest selections, I was pleased to see all the sassy, sexy styles available. For me, it is a problem in Utah that many bridal shops cater to the modesty standard - which is great, but not for me! :)
    Hope this is helpful - I would at least check them out..
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