Barn Wedding

I am looking for an old barn in the greater park city area that would work for a reception. Any thoughts? I'm happy to put in man-power to make it look nice.


Re: Barn Wedding

  • I think your best bet would be to call resorts and ask them if they have any Barns available for rent.  I do know of one in Huntsville  but that is in the other direction.  Your next best bet would be, if you are able to do so, drive around and find one on private property and simple ask.
  • We're looking for a Barn for our wedding and reception...all in one.  We're checking south of Salt Lake, maybe in the Price area.... and yep finding barns and knocking on doors is what we're doing.....
  • If you are looking for some affordable rustic decorations too, you should check out www.borrowingbrides.com.  It is a new local classified site in SLC, that allows community members to post their items they already have to rent or sell to brides.  Great concept and great way to save $!  I love the rustic theme!  Good luck!
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