IKEA Registry?

My fiance and I were discussing where we wanted to register, and we both love Ikea. Everytime we are there we find lots of things in all price ranges that we would love to register for. However, Ikea doesn't offer a wedding registry program, not that I have been able to find anyway. Would it be poor ettiquette to ask for Ikea gift cards along with perhaps a registry at Bed Bath and Beyond etc to give guests the option?

Re: IKEA Registry?

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    edited December 2011
    Not at all.  You could phrase it like this on your website:We are registered at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.Monetary donations and Ikea gift cards would also be appreciated for our larger household needs.Of course, your presence is the greatest gift.
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    I'm posting all over this forum about the IKEA registry because I have spent so much time researching it. Right now they only have a registry service in the Portland store. I'm hoping that if they see there's an interest outside of Portland than they will roll out this service in other stores. According to the reviews people are really happy with it. 
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