I need a good seamstress.

I have come across a problem.  I got a really good deal on my designer gown on-line and now I am having trouble finding a good seamstress.  The ones I have used before for my previous bridesmaids dresses are refusing to alter my dress because I didn't buy it in their store.  I don't want to take the dress to just anyone because I still spent a small fortune on it.  Does anyone have any recommendations?  The alterations I need are fairly minute and I have about 4 months in which to get them done.

Re: I need a good seamstress.

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    edited December 2011
    I came across that same issue. I took mine to Chays in Bountiful off Main St. SHe was wonderful and very well priced. I would suggest giving her a call.
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    i had lillymbridal based in north salt lake do mineand she was fabulous!!!
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