So i just posted this on the wrong board, (yep i'm a blonde and new to these boards) so i'm giving it a go on here to see if i can get any different results! HOPEFULLY this can be considered a question for this board...i'm new on here so forgive me if not :) Does anyone know of a good FEMALE obgyn thats in the Salt Lake area? I am not concerned with who i use now, but WHEN, and i say that with caps because who knows when, we decide to try for kids, I want to find a really good female doctor!!! THANK YOU for letting me ask this crazy (is it) question!
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    I know a good male doctor in Ogden if you aren't totally set on a woman
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    South Valley Women's Center has many good Drs to choose from.  Downside is they are very busy but the quality of care is there for sure.  It is at Jordan Valley Hospital in West Jordan.
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    I work in a midwifery office and our patients love their midwives. Their treatment is just like an OBG/GYN type of provider, AND you can continue to use them like a family practice doctor as well for everything ranging from thyroid problems to depression to strep throat. They are located at LDS hospital. 801-408-1440
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    I just went to Stephanie K Wilder at the UofU she was really cool. She is an OB, 801-213-2995
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