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I realize the question might border on sacrilegious on a wedding board… But has anyone used a wedding coordinator or knows of one in SLC? We’re planning a pretty small wedding, but all of our family as well as almost all of the guests will be coming from out of town or out of the country. So really no once local to recruit to help and the additional job of finding lodging and some type of entertainment for guests. Both of us work a lot. I’m getting to the crazy point of feeling guilty when working because I’m NOT wedding planning .

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    I work at a reception center (Noah's event center)We don't deal with any of the wedding planning but we do know of a company that can assist you with as little or as much as you want.www.weddingdreamer.comthey are based in american fork and we have heard great reviews from our customers
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    Thanks a lot!
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    Riehl Events really is the best out there. They are currently planning my wedding and have done 2 of my friend's weddings. I have 3 other friends that used 3 other different planners in SLC and they were not good and 2 of the 3 were horrible. Riehl Events has been an absolute dream. They did my event design as well, linens, florals, etc. They have done a custom monogram we are using throughout the day, but not in the typical way I've seen monograms used in the past. They are very creative and really think outside of the box. I know my guests will turn every corner and ask, "How did they do that?" as the design is extremely different. They have waited on me hand and foot and there have been fun little surprises they have given me and my fiance along the way as well. I know they travel all over the world to keep up with everything that is in fashion for wedding and all the trends. I couldn't be happier with them!
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    FYI ladies, the best wedding planner in SLC area, Tania Clark just changed her name and webiste, it is now www.envsionu.com.
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    This group is not in Salt Lake, they are in Park City - but I think they are the best that Utah has to offer.  435-655-2943 - Soiree productions.
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    I absolutely would NOT go with TANIA CLARK!!!  she is a crook!  she has very shady dealing in heber and has been sued many many times.  I signed with her and when my fiance broke it off a week later she refused me any of my money back.  we had not planned anything, had no date, had no location, or guest list.  I took her to court where she did not show!!!!  the court clerk notified me that this was not the first case she bailed on.   if you want to hand your money over to someone who will take you for all your worth, than go with Tania Clark.  Otherwise, i would recommend going with someone who has a better record.
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    please before you use envisionu, research tania's previous company "tania clark catering co".  There is a reason why she changed her name!!!  she has been sued many many times!!   this is all public record so do yourself a favor and research your coordinator so you dont get robbed!!!
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    Tania Clark did a horrible job at our wedding.   After she had been paid she changed our menu and flowers always claiming things were unavailable at the last minute.  The food at our dinner was overcooked, cold and the portions were tiny. I mean really tiny.  The menu was not what we ordered and paid for.  Several examples, for a table of 10 she only had 8 rolls, our limeade turned out to be some nasy weird green colored water.    She did not provide the food, flowers, or services we paid her to.  She even walked out before the event was over taking the knife to cut the cake and leaving us to clean everything up.  She made an agreement to give us a refund but has refused to honor her agreement claiming instead to have filed bankruptcy.  She claimed out of the 40 weddings she has done recently only 2 turned out badly, mine being one of those.  Do you want to take the chance that your wedding would be one of those that she ruined? Considering her record, 38 suuccess seems unlikely.  This post only discloses a small portion of the horrow of the job she did for us. She should not be in business. 
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    Do not hire Tania Clark, under whatever name she is going by.  You should look at these articles on ksl:
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    Unfortunately, she didn't listen to the warnings...  Frown

    "Tina Certo and Nathan Heard tells ABC 4 they'd been planning their wedding day for roughly a year now. The two hired a woman they thought they could trust, but at the last minute they learned their wedding wasn't paid for, and the wedding planner they hired had taken their money. "

    Source: http://www.abc4.com/content/news/top%20stories/story/Wedding-Planner-Scams-30-000-From-Couple/VxGrKSK8TEO7EA42eAX6cg.cspx
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    Wow.  The wedding industry is full of scams to rip brides off but this one beats them all.  You just can't trust anyone with money these days or assume people are going to be honest. 

    Difficult and embarrasing lesson for the couple to learn beginning in their marriage.  Don't know if this couple paid to do a background check before hiring Clark.  I would do that especially with that much money at stake.  The cost of a background check probably costs far less than the average price of a wedding gown! 

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    Did you notice that the bride who originally posted the message above promoting Tania Clark (and was told by serveral people NOT to hire Tania) is named "tmcerto" from Phoenix?

    And according to the article the bride who got ripped off is named Tina Certo and lives in Arizona... looks like the same person.
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