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My fiancé ; and I got engaged last week so we haven't been looking at venues for very long. We live in Colorado, but I'm from SLC and all of my family is still there, so we are having the ceremony near SLC. While I was home for thanksgiving this last week, I went and checked out Red Butte Garden as a location for the ceremony and reception and loved it! We want an outdoor location for August next year, fairly reasonable price and the ability to have an open bar as well. I am just wondering if anyone on here has any other suggestions for us to check out next month when we are back in SLC because when I google locations I'm not seeing anything that would be a reasonable price for us(less than $2500 for location) and that is appealing to our tastes. Any suggestions are welcome, as I know google only has the more recognized places. I just want to make sure we check out a bunch of options before we decide on a location :) thanks in advance
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    When I was considering SLC for my wedding (we have sinced moved it to Jackson Hole!), I wanted outdoorsy and mountains so I looked into were Log Haven and Mill Creek Inn up Little Cottonwood Canyon.

    I think their rental base price was about the same (Mill Creek was cheaper) as Red Butte. 

    Also Rose Sachs Gardens in Parley's Canyon is another gardeny place.
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    I love Red Butte! We were actually going to get married there until we changed our wedding date... the price goes up quite a bit in the summer months. Maybe you could change your month?

    Log Haven and Mill Creek are beautiful... but when I looked it was much more expensive then Red Butte Gardens. Rose Sach is reasonable prices and gorgeous (I had friends get married there) -I think they have changed the name though

    You can also check out Millicent Chalet in Big Cottonwood Canyon.. it was reasonably priced when I checked it out.

    Some other places that are inexpensive.. Storm Mountain Amphitheater, Spruces Campground, Redman Campground (all in Big Cottonwood Canyon)
  • I booked Red Butte!  We looked at Cottonwood but we felt that Red Butte was more of a fit for us.  Dd you decide anything yet?
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