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Hi! My wedding is May 18th, 2013. I know that my wedding is far away, but my mother doesn't call me a super planner for nothing haha! I am looking for an indoor/outdoor wedding venue that has a rustic feel to it. If it has animals, gardens, ponds, it would be wonderful. I live in the Bay Area of California and we are doing a small wedding here, then a large reception in Utah for our friends and family who live there. I need to be able to bring my own food, my fiance has serious nut allergies and I have to make sure he doesn't blow up on our wedding reception! :) I would like to stay under 2000 with all of the rentals or tables etc. Please help!! Also, how do you put up the wedding ticker? I can't seem to figure it out!!! lol

Re: Wedding Reception Venues in Layton or Near By

  • Try The Castle in Layton or The Canterbury Place in Bountiful- I briefly checked out both last year but am not familiar with the rental prices. Both are extremely beautiful, though. The only downfall is that they're both on main roads and have fast food and shopping centers surrounding.
  • Is The Bungalow in Layton?

    I also checked out the Ogden Nature Center for rentals. 
  • there is quite a few, But the main ones do have stuff around them. Honestly look at budget and How many are coming. Places like The Ivy Lane (ogden),is beautiful and Cheaper, but Capacity is a bit.. small. Anything over 80 shouold not go there if your don't want to play bumper cars with people.

    My Suggestion.
    Get a copy of the Magazine Utah Bride and groom ($4.95 and can be found at any grocer. I found mine at Harmons in roy.) There is TONS of informtation.. From venders and venues to dadtes for bridal shows.
    Also, use this sites budgeter, And see whats possible for you..
    Lastly, Check when you local Bridal shows are. Most are Free, And are well worth it to find Venues, and have them compete for your wedding.

    Remember, June is peak time And if your looking at an out door wedding you want to loo for late June. As early june and late  May could be be blustery and cold.

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    You can look into Cobble Creek in Ogden.  You are able to have your own catering there and it is in a nice area surrounded by trees and gulf course.  Beautiful views of the mountain too.  A lot of venues around Utah are not allowing alcohol this yeaar, so ask up front if that is an issue. 

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