July 2012 - Too hot for an outdoor wedding?

Hello!  I am (probably) having my ceremony and reception at Noah's event center in South Jordan on July 19th around 6pm.  I wanted the ceremony on their outdoor patio, the average temperature for July 19ths is about 90 degrees :/

Do you think this is too hot, not only for the guests but for the groom and groomsmen in their tuxes? 

Thanks for the opinions! 

Re: July 2012 - Too hot for an outdoor wedding?

  • Hi! I'm having my ceremony at red butte in July- I'm just going to have it around 10 am so it's cooler. I think by 6 or so at night it will be warm still, but not as hot as during the day. This would be nice because you can have everyone still wear nice summer clothes but they wont be melting in the sun! I had a friend that had her wedding in July around noo - it was very hot for us in the bridal party (esecially the guys) in the sun. But her reception was outdoors around 6:30 pm and the weather was really nice and everyone enjoyed themselves :) so I say you should go with the 6 pm time!
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  • I frequently go mountain biking after work, so around the 6pm mark.  It is still pretty hot in July!  I'd look to have it closer the 7pm if possible or make sure the patio has been in the shade for a few hours prior!

    Is this patio shaded at all?
  • Yes I believe that the patio is directly on the east side of the reception building, so as the sun goes down the patio will be shaded for a bit. 
  • Does the venue have an opinion on that time of day and the shade?  I'd also ask them.
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