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I'm looking for a garden location for a VERY small ceremony/reception (less then 20 people). Does anyone know of a location, in the couple hundred dollar range in or around the Salt Lake Valley? We would even be willing to go to Tooele, Utah or Davis Counties. Personal properties are fine, if you know someone willing to rent out a garden. Looking for private and intimate.

Re: Salt Lake Area Garden Location

  • have you looked at the Rose Garden?  It is a indoor venue super cozy. They do not allow alcohol and I can't quite recall what the cost was, but you are able to use the outdoor garden for the ceromony and the indoor area for the reception it is pretty and green.  Like a secret garden with stone floors.  We also looked at the patio room on the 3rd floor at Noahs reception center a bit more pricey if you are looing for a weekend date.

  • It did not come up in ayn of the venue lists I found. Upon doing a Google seach it gave me a location between 1100 1200 E on South Temple, but no website or contact info. Is this the location you are referring to?
  • The Memorial House is beautiful, but may be out of your requested price range. Check The Lavender House in Bear River City...
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