Venue Change this late in the game?

I love my soon to be inlaws. And i value some of their oppions. Like my FH's favorite sister... But now she's got me scared and rethinking our once perfect venue!
Were getting married June 2nd at Crystal Hot Springs, Outside, In their Lake Side campground under a beautiful old tree. (Sounds a tad hill-billy i know, but the place is epic!) Once we announced this to the family she sent me a text that said "If it's all about the tree, I'm sure we could find you an old tree somewhere a lot closer. ;) Besides, June is a rainy month, I wouldn't take my chances...better have an indoor back up plan."   She doesn't like the date, or the place, or the fact that its outside! She has hinted at this all a few times.
My dear sweet like-minded FH, stood up for what we wanted. He explained to her that it has a large lodge area (just incase), and that i have family up north.  BUT... Now im second guessing everything! The date, the Place, even if i want it outdoors. IDK what to do!?!

Re: Venue Change this late in the game?

  • Well if you have a backup lodge at Crystal HS, then there's your rain plan!  Did you ask if everyone liked the idea?  What prompted her to give her unsolicted advice? Will the reception be in the lodge as well?

    I think it sounds lovely.  Don't pay attention to her!
  • She just wants to be prectical and helpful. We ended up going up there yesterday, and found that the grounds we had rented were having a some pipes or something laid. The grounds have a huge deep Trench cut right down the middle. The office said that they were unsure when it would be finished and cleaned up. So now were looking for a new location :( Huge let down. But if my FSI hadn't given her 2 cents, we wouldn't have known until possibly too late.
  • That's too bad the lawn was messed up.  Where else do you think you might look?  Do you want to keep with the hot spring locations?  Donwata, Lava, Maple Grove?
  • Really just want a clean outdoor location that is semi-private. I would love a grove, or somewhere with mature trees. Crystal Hot Springs had sentimental memories for my FH and I, that was why we chose it.
  • I think the crystal hot springs sound perfect for you two!  You should definitely find out when they plan on finishing with the pipes,  maybe you could push the date to September?  (LOVED the weather we had last September).  Plus, they have a back up plan if it DID rain.  It just sounds like you had your heart set on this place and first instincts are usually right. 
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