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Help Utah Brides!! Dress shopping!

Ok I am seriously beside myself when it comes to dress shopping. So much so that I have been putting it off for months and now Its crunch time. But I am so nervous about going to a bridal shop! I have heard so many horror stories about rude service, pressure, bad or late alterations, or dresses not coming all together!! So I need your help Brides. Please recommend any bridal shops, from Salt Lake City all the way to Ogden, that you have had a wonderful experience with, and help me calm down and enjoy this. Its suppose to be the best part of wedding planning and I just want to have a good experience. Thanks so much to all of you and congrats on your big days!

Re: Help Utah Brides!! Dress shopping!

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    I had a great experience at two and a mediocre experience at one shop.  The best advice I can give you is to bring people to support you during the shopping process.  That way, you have people to advocate for you at the store and people to give you honest opinions without an agenda.  Whatever store you go to, there will be a measure of "pressure" because it is their business/livelihood to sell you a dress.  But don't feel pushed into making a decision before you are ready.

    As for shop reccomendations, I had a great experiene at "The Perfect Dress" in Cottonwood Heights.  My consultant gave me honest advice on dresses, had me sit down, look from all angles, and showed what bustling would look like in each dress.  She was very honest and helpful in ordering the dress and went the extra mile to make sure I could get the size I needed within my time frame without having to pay a rush price.

    When it comes down to late alterations, that will mostly up to you.  Go shopping A.S.A.P. because waiting too long will seriously limit your options.  Set up your alteration appointment for right after the store tells you they can get your dress in.  Make appointments in advance because May and June are the busy season!

    Most importantly, take a deep breath.  Enjoy the process!

    Good luck!
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    Gallery by Lynette, Ogden

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    I am going to Fantasy Bridal in Taylorsville. I don't have personal experience with them but that is where my friend got her dress and she really liked them.
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    I went to Alta Moda Bridal near Trolley Square.  It was an amazing experience!  Everyone was super friendly and very knowledgeable - the dress I ended up buying was one that I didn't even think about, but the consultant suggested.  There were a couple other girls trying on dresses at the same time I was and we all were commenting on each other's dresses and giving each other advice - even though we didn't know each other at all.  The atmosphere at Alta Moda is great, and they have beautiful dresses - especially if you are on a search for regular wedding dresses that don't have sleeves (which, I discovered, was hard to find in SLC!)
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    I have heard/had bad experiences with David's Bridal. This Saturday I am going on my first dress outing to Fantasty Brida and the Perfect Dress. I have also heard good things about I Do Bridal, BRidal Expressions, and Bridal Beauty. 
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    Thank you all very much. I have tired a few of your suggestions but honestly haven't had any lucky and my wedding is looming closer. Now we have the biggest surprise of our lives on our hands to top it all off. We have discovered we are expecting a baby as well. Now I am even more anxious based on the fact that I have to search for a dress that allows for me showing. Well wish me luck, because I am still as lost as ever.
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